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On the opposite side elemental need constant feeding for health. The catch is, if you will play elemental at the end, you will have artifact and it's power. Of course this version is faster than artifacted healer. 2016-04-19 · Regular readers will know that one of the main reasons why I was hoping to get early access to Legion was to test out the levelling experience as a healer.

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One of the big things that has long been a thorn in the side of healers since World of Warcraft first went live is leveling. Questing or playing solo as a healer has always been slow going and sometimes downright difficult. Over the years, there have been marked improvements: new spells, dual-spec, group-finder and better Dungeon experience. For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "what's it like to level up as a healer in legion?".

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Is there "battlegrounds" of sorts in this and how does the healer fair in that? < > Showing 1-8 of 8 comments .

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Leveling as healer in legion

Dungeons get you better gear so that you can kill things faster (but still pathetically slow). You get a ton of XP from these dungeons and you get to learn you role as a healer.

Leveling as healer in legion

Healers only have the ability to heal, and very rarely an ability of some sort of defense.There are huge gaps between the ranks of healers, with A-Rank Healers being able to completely heal lost limbs From my perspective, the solo leveling process is often brutal. Lack of overall damage, lack of AoE, etc. all make solo play miserable in many games. It has left many a healing class feeling, for me, as though it's only worth playing if you can consistently find a group to play healer throughout the leveling process. 2016-07-26 "Holy" Leveling to 70 Alternative.
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It has left many a healing class feeling, for me, as though it's only worth playing if you can consistently find a group to play healer throughout the leveling process.

Level as a healer and suck it up. This a route that a lot of people will take. Having their artifact weapon raid ready is most important to them, so they’ll just level as a healer and deal with any frustrations they may feel. This is one of my personal choices.
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We'll also offer a damage-dealing rotation that you should use to fuel your healing. The best way to level a Priest is by questing with the Shadow specialisation -  While a discipline or shadow spec priest can both heal effectively at low levels, a holy spec build is ideally positioned for leveling as a healer. Healers are  May 24, 2018 It's relatively similar to Legion leveling. Holy is first and foremost a true healer, so what DPS spells and talents it has are nominal.

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Tank blames healer and boom, party has been dispatched. Solo, things are slower than average but much better at lower levels where holy healers get a decent smite while the nature DOT seems to take a long time to drop mobs, especially at later levels. Nature healers can get off self heals much faster verses a large number attacking or fast repetitive attacks making nature more safe for some situations solo. So I am currently leveling a Restoration Druid by using the LFD tool. I got bored of healing and decided to respec Boomking for some variety, and noticed that the queues are 10minutes long as a DPS. This would sound reasonable, if it wasn't for the fact that the queues are 10minutes long as a Healer aswell. Se hela listan på Legion is coming and honestly, however you choose to play the game is up to you. If you want to take your time, then do so!

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I was averaging about 1-1.5 levels per invasion event. 2018-05-24 Even tanks and healers are going to want a dps spec for questing and dailies. There are no weapon drops at all in legion, HOWEVER, you can have all 3 artifact weapons relevant to your class. That being said, when the expansion launches, pick the DPS weapon first.

The Legion expansion for World of Warcraft has arrived, and with it new stories and experiences.